2023 School Board Races

In 2021, Virginia became the epicenter of the culture wars in the United States. Two years of tyrannical governance (COVID–19 years) by ultra-left-wing progressives revealed an ugly underbelly in our education system. These same progressives had been infiltrating our higher education system and passing their ideology down to our K-12 education system for decades. 

The Middle Resolution has a reputation (see attached history) for helping elect qualified conservative candidates to Congressional and state office. In 2022, they decided to use their expertise in campaigning and their long-established knowledge of Virginia politics and began to flip school boards, where much of the progressive ideology has been pushed down parents’ throats and used to indoctrinate our children.

2022 School Board Races

In 2022, they vetted over 20 candidates. They chose to work closely with 13 candidates, of which nine won their races. Several of those victories occurred in deep blue districts. With those victories, the Middle Resolution was able to help conservatives gain the majority on several school boards. Those newly elected school board members are reversing some of the most egregious education policies seen in the twenty-first century. 

2023 School Board Races

Middle Resolution is interviewing and making final decisions on the number of races for engagement in 2023. Given the interviews to date, school divisions with as few as 3,000 students to divisions as large as 180,000 students have competitive candidates who have filed and will be on the ballot in November. Their primary goal will be to intervene in races with a strong likelihood of taking control of a board with credible, committed candidates who pledge to reverse destructive policies already implemented. 

Those policies may include reining in excessive spending, reducing top-heavy administrative staffing, closely examining and modifying current curriculums, and removing the radical Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs already adopted but not required by the Virginia Department of Education.  We now know that many of the SEL programs have been developed by Planned Parenthood and sitting school board members are incredibly naïve as to the sexual content in these materials.  

In addition, school districts have adopted equity-based achievement replacing merit-based achievement. Across the state, public schools have taken academic standards to the lowest denominator instead of developing and maintaining academic rigor, competition and instilling models for success for all students. 

With a public school student population of 1.25 million, Middle Resolution anticipates that victories in school board races may positively impact the lives of over 200,000 children across the state. From a large division like Loudoun County, which continues to make headlines with investigations and ongoing lawsuits, to small divisions where stagnant boards defer every division to progressive school superintendents, 2023 presents a massive opportunity for real change in Virginia. 


The Middle Resolution’s work with school board campaigns in 2022 demonstrated that school boards could be flipped by understanding local district politics, offering professional campaign management, and providing significant resources. Consequently, flipping these school boards has significantly improved school district governance.

Without a doubt, the Middle Resolution PAC demonstrated that gaining control of our school boards is the quickest and most effective way to reinstate evidence-based education practices that will prepare our children for competing in a global economy. 

Running for School Board?

Are you concerned about the future of your children or grandchildren? Have you looked around your community and wondered who will step up and help bring a course correction to your public school division? Have you thought about running for School Board?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then we want to hear from you!

Middle Resolution PAC is committed to improving education for all children in Virginia. Supporting candidates who will dedicate themselves to bettering the lives of our next generation by running for school board is an important step. Sign up here so we can get to know you and your interest in running for school board!

We thank you for reaching out to us about your school board campaign. We have had an overwhelming response. Currently, we are pausing our interview process to evaluate what races we will engage.

However, we encourage you to fill out the form below. At a minimum, depending on our resources, we will reach out to see how your race is going and see if there is something we can do to help.

We wish you all the best in your effort to reclaim your school board.

Your Middle Resolution Team

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