Latino students falling through the cracks in RPS: ‘They didn’t do anything to help me’

Melissa Hipolit

It's not ideal, but a room tucked inside the Sacred Heart Center in Manchester serves as a makeshift classroom for dozens of Latino immigrants trying to get their GED.

One of the youngest students is 19-year-old Brayan Padilla.

He came to the United States from Honduras four years ago with his younger sister in search of a better life.

"In my country there is a lot of criminal activity. For example, there were a lot of dead bodies," Padilla said in Spanish through a translator.

What public schools could learn from Amazon's move into groceries

Kris Allen
Richmond Times-Dispatch

In August, Amazon entered the retail grocery market. Its goal: transform the economic value chain associated with traditional bricks-and-mortar grocery delivery.

Its plan: expand its scope, differentiate its product, cut cost by integrating grocers and customers into its larger e-commerce platform, and lower consumer prices. As Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon World Consumer, said, “And this is just the beginning — we will ... continuously lower prices as we invent together.” Traditional grocery chains’ market value dropped 8 percent overnight.

Education and grocery stores are different businesses, but both have much to learn from Amazon.

School choice can create the right option for individual students

Karen M.S. Hiltz
Richmond Times-Dispatch

I have served on a private school board, currently serve on a public School Board and can tell you that both environments seek to provide a meaningful educational experience that better prepares students for their next phase in life.

However, the student must decide on what that next phase will be — hopefully with parental guidance. Will that decision be the same for each student? Without a doubt, the answer is “no.”