Help fight Hillary Clinton’s lawyer from stealing votes in Virginia!

We need to show strength at tomorrow’s Election Board hearing!
The Democrat hit man and Hillary Clinton lawyer who helped create the fake Trump-Russia conspiracy, Marc Elias, has brought his slimy tactics to Virginia’s House races. Elias and his firm were behind the effort to pay Fusion GPS and a British spy to create the fake Russian dossier on President Trump, which even former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile has disavowed. 
Elias was also involved in Jill Stein’s effort to overturn the Electoral College election results last year and recently concocted a story about 600 mystery votes in another Virginia House election.

We Want to Hear From You

The Middle Resolution’s mission is to advance freedom by electing qualified candidates, collaborating on policy, and holding leaders accountable. In trying to achieve this mission, it is important for us to listen to our members so we know what issues are important to you. Over the past several months, we have been talking with many of you and you have shared your frustration with the current political environment. Division among our citizenry and overall dissatisfaction with our political leadership are common concerns - not just from our membership here in Virginia, but throughout the country as a whole. 

Your Middle Resolution Team is ready to take action! We want to hear from you about your concerns and how you believe we can offer meaningful solutions. We do not want to merely talk and complain about things - we want to ask the important questions, stand ready to listen, and be poised to deliver results. What we ask of you is that you please take 45 seconds to complete this short, 3-question survey.   

Not My Virginia

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Middle Resolution,

I am writing to you today with a lot on my mind. This last week has seen so much violence, so much hate, so much anger here in the Commonwealth that we call home. We live in a beautiful state. Virginia has so very much to offer, and her citizens are hard working, dedicated, patriotic people who help their neighbors and look out for one another. This is why it pains me to see Virginia in the news with headlines of hatred and violence; because I know we are so much better than that, so much more than that.

You know by now that your Middle Resolution Team is committed to making our Commonwealth better and stronger. All of us at the Middle Resolution are committed to leading with integrity and compassion as we go about our work. And I know each of you is committed to do the same.

Why Do Conservatives Do That?

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Middle Resolution,

A sense of relief washed over me on election day when Ed Gillespie emerged the victor from a very close race. But when I heard Corey Stewart’s concession speech, I thought, “Here we go again!” As is always the case with Virginia Republican politics we are never without drama. Many have asked me,  “Why can’t Republicans come together to win an election?”, followed up by, “Why do we always battle from within?”

The simple answer is conservatives, in general, tend to be much more independent than liberals. We have very strong core beliefs and principles that we feel are worth fighting for. On the other hand, progressives in this country are incapable of having strong core principals because that would require believing in moral absolutes. This lack of core principles makes it much easier for them to compromise and coalesce after a difficult battle in a primary.

A Pause on Memorial Day

In honor of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. Taps. 

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Today we pause to reflect and to give thanks for the sacrifices that were made so we might be free. Today is Memorial Day, a day to remember. If it wasn’t for the selflessness, bravery and dedication of the men and women who have served this nation in our Armed Forces, and ultimately gave their lives in this service, we would not be able to stand and Pledge Allegiance, to sing The Star Spangled Banner, to vote, or to experience the benefits of living in a country that values the power of an informed citizenry.

Today I ask you to join me in pausing for a moment and saying a prayer of thanks for their sacrifice. Freedom isn’t free, it comes at a very high price, a price they paid. May we never forget and may we never take for granted the blood that was shed so we might be free.

Happy Memorial Day.

With Humble Thanks,
Craig DiSesa

The Middle Resolution

Turning Virginia Red

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Middle Resolution, 

I wanted to write to you today to thank you for being on the front lines of political change here in the Commonwealth. Together, we are turning Virginia RED and restoring the governance of Constitutional principles. 

I would like to bring a bill to your attention that was recently signed by Governor McAuliffe.  According to a press release put out by Delegate Steve Landes:

Del. R. Steven Landes, R-Weyers Cave, announced today that Governor Terry McAuliffe has signed into law House Bill 2053, which allows for the establishment of direct primary care agreements between doctors and their patients. The bill will become law effective July 1, 2017.

“I commend Governor McAuliffe for approving House Bill 2053. Allowing individuals to enter into direct primary care agreements with their doctors will establish a new, innovative healthcare delivery model between patients and doctors…”

Announcing a New President!

Dear Members,

Over the past eight years The Middle Resolution has experienced unparalleled success in Virginia politics. With your loyal support, The Middle Resolution has been able to send a clear message to legislators that we will not bend in our resolute defense of our principles:  limited government, economic freedom and equal opportunity for everyone.

Our strategy of influencing campaigns to elect constitutionally conservative candidates and drive legislation that aligns with our principles uniquely places us in a position of significant stature in the Commonwealth. This has allowed us to continually develop relationships both inside the legislature and outside the legislature, which in turn amplifies our influence.

Several months ago the Executive Committee began to discuss the future of The Middle Resolution. As with all non-profits, we have experienced stages of vision, growth and maturity. We have reached an inflection point where it is important that we decide if we are going to expand our impact in Virginia or continue on our present path. It didn’t take long for us to decide that our success has occurred for a reason and to ignore that would be a violation of the very vision our Founders had some 240 years ago.  

We unanimously decided to grow The Middle Resolution into the premier political organization in Virginia: We are committed to ensuring that when a donor contributes to our vision, they feel absolutely confident that their resources will achieve the desired results.