Our Story

In 2008, our country was faced with one of the worse economic downturns in our 250 year history. Couple this with the political winds of change, many of us in Hanover County, VA, who understand that economic freedom is critical to promoting opportunity for all citizens of the United States, became very concerned about the direction of our country.

In early 2009, Bob Bailie, a successful businessman from Mechanicsville VA, assembled a group of his friends to share his ideas on how we as citizens could help to advance freedom for all. From that meeting, the Middle Resolution was formed. The idea that there is a wide political spectrum ranging from tyranny to anarchy and that the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution are the proper balance of those political extremes became the catalyst for our name. We are resolved to find that ideological balance so brilliantly created by our Founders.

Our mission has been to identify and elect qualified candidates, collaborate on free market policies and hold leaders accountable.

Since engaging in our first elections in 2009, we have helped over 30 pro-freedom candidates get elected to office. Collaborating with legislators, grassroots, stakeholders and engaged citizens, we have promoted and helped passed policies that have improved the lives of all Virginians.

Looking to the future, our vision is to continue to impact Virginia in a way that advances positive economic change so that every Virginian can reach their potential and can contribute to a strong civil society.