2018 Middle Resolution General Assembly Scorecard

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July 11, 2018

2018 Middle Resolution General Assembly Scorecard

Mechanicsville, VA ...The Middle Resolution is proud to announce it has released it's 2018 General Assembly scorecard.  This scorecard takes into account everyvote legislators could have taken on a series of priority bills in Education, Healthcare, Election Laws, and the Budget.

As part of the scorecard, Middle Resolution is proud to announce that Senator Glen Sturtevant and Delegate Charles Poindexter as the recipients of our first Legislators of the Yearaward for the highest scores on our scorecard.

Craig DiSesa, President of Middle Resolution had the following statement about the release of the scorecard, "I'm truly proud of Senator Sturtevant and Delegate Poindexter for how they voted this past year.  Quite frankly, I'm proud of all 47 Senators and Delegates who scored above 80% on the scorecard this year."

He added, "I'm incredibly disappointed with the 19 Republicans who scored under 30%, particularly given the districts some of them reside.  We don't feel they represented their constituents very well and that their constituents will be surprised with how some of them voted on key legislation this past year."

To view the full scorecard go to https://scorecard.middleresolution.org/


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