The Ultimate in Accountability

May 22, 2018

The Ultimate in Accountability

Mechanicsville, VA ... The Middle Resolution has been resolute in its opposition to Medicaid Expansion for four years.  The plan put forward by the House (HB5001 and HB5002) to expand Medicaid is an unacceptable solution to ensuring that healthcare is accessible to the most in need.

Republicans who have supported this program, unsuccessful in every state where it has been implemented, have violated the essential principles upon which Republicans are supposed to stand:

- Personal Responsibility

- Equal Justice

- Budgetary Restraint at all Levels of Government

- Promotion of Free Market Principles

As part of our mission, we are committed to holding legislators accountable. When Republican lawmakers fail to uphold these principles, the Middle Resolution PAC will be deliberate in our support of candidates who promise to uphold these basic tenets of responsible government.


Middle Resolution’s mission is to identify and elect qualified candidates, collaborate on free market policies and hold leaders accountable.