We Must Stop Nancy Pelosi!

Have you been helped by President Trump's Tax Cut and Jobs Act?
Do you know employees or small businesses who are better off because of it?
Please help us find them!
This is not a fundraising pitch.
All we need is your recommendation. Read on and allow me to explain.
The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) has meant larger paychecks, salary bonuses, pay raises, and increased retirement contributions for tens of thousands of Virginians. You can see just some of the successes by clicking here.
Tax cuts work. Tax cuts mean more money in the pockets of everyday Virginians, who then go out in the local economy and buy more goods and services. Tax cuts mean companies, large and small, have more funds they can invest in expansion, hiring more people, and building their local communities.
But the left-wing media give no credit for this success. And now, Nancy Pelosi and congressional democrats are proposing one trillion dollars in higher taxes over the next 10 years.
How can we fight back? 
With real people telling real stories. Click on any these links to watch examples of how real Americans are being helped by The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017.

Once we have collected these stories, we will be highlighting many of them in our social media and digital distribution to demonstrate to the public that Congressmen Dave Brat, Tom Garrett and Rob Wittman have been working hard to make a difference for hard working Americans.
Here's where you come in ...
Do you know someone who might be the "face of tax reduction" in Virginia? What would that person look like? The ideal --


  • A small business owner who is now able to expand his or her business, or hire more people, or give raises or bonuses to employees ... or
  • An employee who received a raise or bonus and used it to improve his or her life in a concrete way.

Please give some thought to this.
And if you have an idea or two, or a name or two, please reply to info@middleresolution.org.
Tax cuts work. Investment works. This is how we grow our economy. This is how we help people move out of poverty and achieve their dreams. 
Help us get the message out by sending us ideas and names today.