Senate Republicans are to be Commended for Responsible Government

A lot of ink has been spilled over the outcome of Medicaid expansion in VA. On Nov. 8, 2017 the pundits were out in force writing that it was a done deal. They foretold the future predicting Republicans would fold and finally 400,000 people in Virginia would get “free healthcare.” They were half right. 

House Republican Leadership’s Calculation
Republicans in the House determined they didn’t have the votes to stop Medicaid expansion because a handful of House Republicans would vote with the 49 Democrats for the Governor’s budget allowing expansion of Medicaid. The House Republican leadership reasoned it would be better to control the process and develop a “conservative” form of Medicaid expansion rather than let the Governor get “outright” expansion.

As commendable as this might seem, it fails to address the problems with expansion. “Conservative” Medicaid expansion is an oxymoron. There is nothing conservative or compassionate about growing the national debt, increasing our dependence on the Federal government, increasing healthcare demand but not increasing the supply, increasing taxes on hospitals and ignoring thousands of severely disabled on the waiting list! If the Governor gets his way, we will have the largest expansion of welfare in Virginia history and nobody will be better for it except the hospitals, insurance companies and the hundreds of businesses that feed off the government teet! As one Arkansas State Senator put it, “Medicaid expansion is a fraud magnet!”

Senate Republican Leadership Gets It
Fortunately, the pundits were only half right. The Senate Republican leadership, led by Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, has been masterful in their efforts to prevent this fiscal death spiral. 

Both Sen. Norment, along with other Republican Senators, are to be commended for standing up to another progressive effort to place as many people on welfare as possible. We applaud their political courage and ask them to stand tall!

What’s Next?
At this moment, the House has approved a budget with Medicaid expansion and is waiting for the Senate to receive their budget. However, the Senate has made the decision to not return to the General Assembly until May 14, 2018. Essentially, we are a long way off before any decisions will be made.

Please Contact Your Senator
Please call your Senator and thank him for demonstrating the courage to do the right thing for Virginia. 

If we are to fix the healthcare system in Virginia, we need to do it before we place it on steroids!