Will GOP support massive increase in government

Middle Resolution is committed to stopping the massive increase in government spending through the expansion of Obamacare’s Medicaid program.  Legislators are in the final days of budget negotiations and, for time being, they have not agreed to a reckless expansion of Medicaid. Negotiations will continue and while we haven’t won yet, we have at least turned the momentum away from what seemed to be an inevitable disappointment. 

Middle Resolution has worked with legislators and the Trump administration to let negotiators know that Medicaid expansion would be a fiscal disaster for Virginia.  It would be the largest expansion of Virginia government in history, and we have no way to stop it when it gets out of control!

We need to hold firm and keep the pressure on legislators who expect “free money” from the federal government under Obamacare.  Here’s what they need to hear:

  • President Trump and his budget director said the money won’t be there
  • Congress repealed the individual mandate, the funding mechanism for Medicaid expansion
  • The White House has been dismantling Obamacare administratively since early 2017
  • The state Senate version of the budget does not include massive increase in Medicaid
  • The state House budget will saddle taxpayers with billions in unfunded costs

Tell your legislators: Oppose Obamacare Medicaid expansion


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