We Stand Corrected!

Yesterday you received an email calling out the Republicans in the House of Delegates for passing a budget with the largest expansion of government in Virginia’s history.
Unintentionally, our email implied that all House Republicans voted for this expansion. Actually, there were 32 courageous Republicans who stood up to the insanity of putting Virginia’s citizens on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes.
We have listed those courageous Delegates below and have also listed the Delegates who voted with 100% of the progressive Democrats.
Delegates voting with
Progressive Democrats
Kirk Cox
Chris Jones
Chris Peace
Scott Garrett
Barry Knight
Gary Helsel
Glen Davis
Keith Hodges
Riley Ingram
Todd Pillion
Terry Kilgore
Will Morefield
Chris Stolle
David Yancey
Danny Marshall
Terry Austin
Robert Bloxom
James Edmunds
Bob Thomas – did not vote
Delegates with Courage
Les Adams
Dickie Bell
Rob Bell
Emily Brewer
Cathy Byron
Jeff Campbell
Ben Cline
Mark Cole
Chris Collins
Matt Fariss
Buddy Fowler
Nick Freitas
Todd Gilbert
Greg Habeeb
Chris Head
Tim Hugo
Steven Landes
Dave LaRock
Jeff Leftwich
John McGuire
Jason Miyares
Israel O’Quinn,
Bobby Orrock
Brenda Pogge
Charles Poindexter
Margaret Ransone
Roxanne Robinson
Nick Rush
Lee Ware
Michael Webert
Tony Wilt
Tom Wright
As you can see, almost two to one Republican Delegates voted against Medicaid expansion. If your delegate is among this courageous group, we encourage you to reach out to them and thank them for not giving into the enticement of so-called “free federal dollars”!
And of course, if your Delegate voted against your values, I encourage you to contact them and ask them to switch their vote when they have another chance to vote against Medicaid expansion in April.
We extend our apologies to those members of the House who we misrepresented in our previous email.
Standing for Liberty,

Craig DiSesa
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