Taxpayers win, but is it over?

Taxpayers won the battle, but the war isn’t over. 

Conservative values and the fight against the largest government expansion in Virginia history emerged victorious last weekend when negotiators refused to finalize a disastrous budget that would have left Virginians on the hook for billions.

With legislators unable to reach a budget deal by the March 10 deadline, Gov. Northam—who called for a special session in April—will now push the General Assembly to accept his demands for Medicaid expansion. 

That’s why WE can’t stop telling our delegates and senators that we won’t accept massive government expansion through Obamacare’s Medicaid program!

Maybe House Republicans and the Governor missed the news--the era of Obamacare is HISTORY.  That’s why The Middle Resolution worked with the Trump administration to help educate legislators that Obamacare’s “free” money from Washington, D.C., which carried a short-term infusion of cash—but long-term pain—was over.

President Trump has made it clear the truly needy should be the focus of Medicaid, and expanding the program to able-bodied adults without children undermines the goals of the program. While the truly needy deserve our help—expanding free healthcare for the sake of a press release makes no sense.

It’s important to point out that Republican Senators stuck to their conservative principles and refused to go along with a House Republican scheme to expand Obamacare, while attempting to cloak their plan in fake conservative (and unenforceable) provisions like work requirements.

We won the latest round, but we must be vigilant and continue to fight against a or this massive increase in government!

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