Will Virginia GOP support massive government expansion?

The legislative process is often compared to making sausage, meaning it’s messy and ugly and it’s probably better if you just didn’t watch.  That's why we are in Richmond every day during the General Assembly Session.  It is our duty to be your eyes and ears to hold legislators accountable if they start inserting bad ingredients in the sausage.

Unfortunately, bad sausage making is exactly what happened this week in Richmond. We have a clear choice between what’s good for the Commonwealth and what’s bad.  Lawmakers in both the House of Delegates and Senate will vote on their respective budgets on Thursday and the difference between the two—both supported by Republicans—couldn’t be more stark.
In the Senate, a budget passed out of the Finance Committee that was called one of the most conservative in state history.  While that may be stretching it a bit, it modestly increases Medicaid spending for the truly needy such as people with mental illness and addiction, and sets aside money for the state’s rainy day fund.  However, it doesn’t include the poison pill of Obamacare Medicaid expansion.
In the House, long the bulwark against irresponsible Obamacare Medicaid expansion, the floodgates opened.  They approved a budget that would include $600 million in Medicaid expansion, including temporary matching funds from the federal government.  GOP leaders claimed it was a victory because it included some minor work requirement provisions, but that’s one hell of fig leaf to cover billions of dollars in future obligations.
As we have said repeatedly, Obamacare Medicaid expansion has been a financial disaster in every state it has been enacted.  And last week, the Trump Administration, on a call with state Senators, said the President’s priority is to pull back federal funding for states that expand Medicaid over the next few years. If Virginia expands Medicaid, it will put Virginia taxpayers on the hook for billions. That is not conservative nor fiscally responsible!
The difference between Thursday’s twin votes couldn’t be more clear!  CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR NOW and tell them—the House budget with Medicaid expansion: Bad!  The Senate budget with responsible health care reforms: Good!