With slim majorities in Richmond, now is time to hold the line

Well, it’s here.  After a contentious and disappointing election, followed by controversial recounts and dramatic court reversals, the Virginia General Assembly is set to convene tomorrow for its biennial budget session. 
While Democrats hold on to the slimmest of hopes to prevent the GOP from controlling the House of Delegates, Del. Kirk Cox is expected to be elected speaker tomorrow.  Republicans hold a 51-49 majority and, according to House staff, once Cox is elected, he will hold that position for two years.  Once that election is completed, we will get on with the process of legislating. 
At The Middle Resolution, we affirm Mark Twain’s famous adage that “No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”  With that in mind, here are the main issues we will be monitoring to protect Virginian's rights.
Medicaid Reform
As in other states, Democrats here have called for massive expansion of Obamacare’s Medicaid program, which has led to financial disasters in every state it has been tried.  We will fight for Medicaid reform that doesn’t bust the budget.
Education Choice
Parents deserve the opportunity to choose the best schools available for their kids (no matter the zip code).  Unfortunately, Virginia is one of the most restrictive states in the nation. We will work to ensure that a child's access to a quality education isn't controlled by where they live.
Election Reform
As the past few weeks have proven, citizens must have confidence in our electoral system.  It should not be tainted by court battles or ballot integrity problems as we will fight for more reforms. 
Last year’s election may have been disappointing, but Republicans still hold majorities in both legislative chambers.  Gov.-elect Northam appears to be interested in working with the legislature to prevent radical, progressive notions from becoming law.  And the GOP is likely to win back some of the seats in 2019, so this is a critical time to hold the line. Please be prepared to exercise your explicit 1st amendment right to “petition the government” when big issues arise during the course of the General Assembly Session.  And please follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.