Will momentum turn into radical liberal bills in VA statehouse?

The Virginia General Assembly starts its biennial, budgetary session next week and Republicans are, once again, in control thanks to the tie-breaking drawing held by the Virginia Board of Elections this morning.  The future of the Commonwealth may very well depend on what happens in Richmond in the next few months.
Perhaps we have been spoiled in the last few years.  A nearly 2-1 GOP majority in the House of Delegates ensured that—even with a small Republican majority in the Senate and Democrat governor—radical, big-government schemes like massive increases in social spending and legislative attacks on the free market were unlikely to succeed. 
But an unassailable GOP majority is no longer the case. The state is at a tipping point, and we must be vigilant about what a single vote could do in the legislature. Middle Resolution will ensure we hold officeholders accountable by focusing on three key issues: healthcare reform, educational choice, and election integrity.
On healthcare, namely Medicaid expansion without reform, it makes no sense to turn a program originally designed to help the truly needy into a new, middle class entitlement.  Every state that enacted Obamacare Medicaid expansion has experienced massive cost overruns, resulting in new deficits and cuts to other vital programs such as roads and education.  On average, the enrollment has been more than double the initial estimates, according to the Foundation for Government Accountability. Middle Resolution will also fight for educational choice, ensuring that all students have access to a quality education regardless of their zip code.  And finally, we will work to push legislation that enhances transparency in elections and government.
As this election demonstrated, a single voice can make the difference and it’s up to each one of us make our voices heard in the critical 2018 General Assembly.
Happy New Year.  Let’s make 2018 a great year for Virginia!