Do they think we're stupid? If we expand Medicaid we get free money. Huh?

Follow the money. Democrats in the General Assembly and Governor Northam will have us believe that if we just pass “straightforward Medicaid expansion,” Virginia will reap millions from the federal government, which reimburses states for new Medicaid recipients under Obamacare.  It’s free money, like manna from Washington, right?  Everybody wins.  Who could be opposed? 
“Follow the money” is a phrase from the Watergate days, and in many ways Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion program is another scandal.  What is known as Obamacare’s “dirty little secret,” the federal government reimburses almost all the costs to the states who add new people to Medicaid rolls including non-working, able-bodied adults with no children.  However, the feds will cover as little as half the cost of people who qualified for Medicaid before Obamacare.  This provides a perverse incentive to punish those who need help the most - like disabled children or individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. In fact, there are more than a half million needy people across the country on waiting lists hoping to qualify for Medicaid.
States that have enacted Obamacare Medicaid expansion have blown through their enrollment projections creating huge holes in their budgets.  That’s why this week’s letter to the Governor from Republican Speaker Kirk Cox and the Republican majority in the House made it very clear: “The House is willing to begin a dialogue on healthcare that includes significant reforms and strong taxpayer safeguards, but I want to be clear that the 51-member House Republican Caucus has taken a binding caucus position against ‘straightforward’ Medicaid expansion.”

Action Required

We urge you to call your legislators and tell them to oppose “straightforward" Medicaid expansion and encourage them to support reforms to Medicaid.  Tell them to help the truly needy and to oppose all bills that attempt to expand Medicaid.