We are Strong

Tomorrow is 9/11. The anniversary of the day the Pentagon was struck, the Twin Towers fell, and the heroes of United Flight 93 sacrificed all. A day that shook us all and a day that our enemies thought would send America to her knees, but instead gave us all a deeper sense of patriotism and our common ground as citizens. It is a day that many of us will never forget. So we pause, we remember, we count our blessings, and we resolve to be strong.

Your Middle Resolution Team can’t help but notice that as this Anniversary of 9/11 approaches, our nation is once again hurting. Devastating hurricanes, fires and floods have been battering our southern and western states. Violence and racism seem to be on the rise. Yet, in the middle of these tragedies we see the strength of America. And we see the strength of Virginia.

Our Commonwealth has sent relief teams, first responders, nurses, doctors and volunteers to the areas hardest hit by the powerful forces of nature that have recently overwhelmed some of our fellow states. Virginians are strong. We are compassionate. We are patriotic.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has a long and proud history of standing for freedom. Of fighting for what is right. Of pride in her identity as part of the United States. Of facing violence and attack and prevailing. Just as we rebuilt and united in the wake of the attack on America and on Virginia on September 11, 2001, we will continue to face all obstacles to freedom with determination and good will.

We may be in the midst of an important and tumultuous election season and elections can sometimes exacerbate our differences and deepen divides between people. Today we invite you to pause with us. To put aside partisanship and political differences and reflect on the blessings we have and the good fortune we have to be citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. And to resolve to always remember that together we are infinitely stronger than when we are divided.

Today, let us remember and let us never forget.