Eclipse of Power

Last week we were able to witness an amazing cosmic event here in Virginia. What is being referred to as “The Great American Eclipse” took place last Tuesday and here in the Commonwealth we were treated to more than 80% of the Sun being temporarily obscured by the moon. Birds got quiet, crickets began chirping, it got cooler and darker outside and then everything slowly brightened again. What an amazing thing to witness!

Your Middle Resolution Team is hoping to witness another amazing eclipse in November. An eclipse of power. On November 7th citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia will have the opportunity to make a different kind of history: the kind that ensures a brighter future and more security for future generations. On Election Day we are working hard to make sure that Richmond sees Ed Gillespie eclipse Governor McAuliffe, Jill Vogel eclipse Ralph Northam, and John Adams eclipse Mark Herring.

We can’t do it without you, though!

Unlike a solar eclipse, which happens with no effort or work on our part, an eclipse of power in Richmond requires of us all a dedication and drive to be engaged, informed and active in these last few months before November 7th. Luckily there are many options for you to choose to get involved! Sign up to volunteer with Action Virginia by clicking the link. You can make a donation to your Middle Resolution by clicking here, or you could join our “Let’s Win in 2017” initiative byclicking here and selecting to donate $20.17 every month until Election Day. You can also visit the websites of each of the candidates we have endorsed by clicking their names above and signing up to help their campaigns.

We are looking forward to this “Great Virginia Eclipse” on November 7, 2017. Together we can WIN in 2017!