Dr Who?

Last week we were keeping a watchful eye on the Federal Government and the debates that are raging over Health Care Reform, Medicaid Coverage, and the ultimate fate of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).  There is a lot that is simply unknown and undecided and this is leaving many Americans, and many Virginians, uneasy, and many suffering from continuing Federal Government Overreach.

No one wants to make an appointment to be seen by their doctor only to be confronted by a myriad of changes, regulations, and red tape. No one wants to find themselves paying more for less insurance. No one wants to be told they no can no longer see their Primary Care Doctor and be left asking, “Doctor Who?” when they are reassigned to another. Yet these are real scenarios faced by Virginians every day.


This is why we need a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General who will fight for Virginia and for her citizens. This is why we are working so hard in anticipation of the election in November and why we invite you to do the same. We have so very much to lose and yet so much to gain! We encourage you to consider becoming an Activist or volunteer. Check out ActionVirginia to get active in the approaching election. Sign up as a volunteer for your favorite candidate, you can find the websites for each by clicking on their names: Ed Gillespie for Governor,  Jill Vogle for Lieutenant GovernorJohn Adams for Attorney General.

We know we have some of the hardest working and most dedicated friends and supporters in the Commonwealth. We know that when you put your feet to pavement all of Virginia benefits. We are looking forward to working alongside you and continuing to work for you.

Together, let’s make sure that whenever anyone in Virginia says, “Doctor Who”they are talking about the TV show and not another consequence of Federal Government overreach!