Looking Ahead

With the summer in full swing it is time to look ahead to the General Election in November. The months are going to fly by and before we know it, November 7, 2017 will be upon us!

 As you know, we support the Republican ticket this year: Ed Gillespie for GovernorJill Vogel for Lieutenant Governor, and John Adams for Attorney General. Please visit their websites and check out their various campaigns and positions on the issues.

There are several issues that are important to us and for which we will be working and campaigning as well. We think it is worth mentioning here that these issues are Medicaid/Healthcare Reform, Education Reform – Parental Choice in Education (PCESA), and Election Integrity. You can read more about these issues by CLICKING HERE.

If you want to be more involved you can become a volunteer by clicking here and bybecoming a committed financial contributor to The Middle Resolution. It takes both manpower and money to win elections, educate the public and advance a cause. We couldn’t do what we do without your help! Thank you for giving of your time and for yourcontributions. Together we will not only WIN in 2017, we will secure a brighter future for the Commonwealth of Virginia!

Let’s Win in November!