Political Punts And Playing Fields

Sometimes it seems as if politics is the official sport of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Just when it appears as if the stage is set and the future is predictable, a political curve ball is thrown, making things a little less predictable, a little more complicated, and sometimes even a little more exciting.  Such is politics in Virginia!

This week one such political punt occurred; Corey Stewart announced his candidacy for a run against Tim Kaine for the US Senate Seat up for grabs in 2018. This campaign overlaps with the Gubernatorial, Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor elections that will be held this November.

As you know Stewart ran against our endorsed candidate, Ed Gillespie, and narrowly lost the Gubernatorial nomination to him, leaving the race for Richmond between Gillespie and Ralph Northam. Undeterred by this narrow loss, Stewart has apparently rallied and is now challenging Tim Kaine for the Senate seat. He is, as of yet, unchallenged in the GOP, though it is still early enough for another contender to join the fray.

The local and statewide news has been buzzing with what this nascent campaign might mean for Gillespie, who has a very different style and method to his campaigning than the hard-charging Stewart. We are sure we will hear a lot of opinions and see some political posturing in the coming months. But we remain undeterred and unfazed.

Your Middle Resolution Team has seen campaign after campaign, candidate after candidate. Some we have endorsed, some we have not. Willing to work with all for a better Virginia, and never wavering in our commitment to Constitutional Principles and a Government that serves the people, we will remain undeterred as the campaigns continue and the political playing field changes its shape once again

You can always be sure that you can count on Your Middle Resolution Team to see beyond the political headlines of the day and work for YOU, the men and women of Virginia.

Together we march toward November and then toward 2018!

Onward for Liberty!