What a Week!

Tuesday was Primary Election Day in the Commonwealth and we are pleased to say that both of the candidates we endorsed are now the official Nominees of the Republican Party running in the General Election. Congratulations to Ed Gillespie (running for Governor) and John Adams (running for Attorney General.) Jill Vogel is the nominee for Lieutenant Governor and we congratulate her on her Primary win as well.

With the Primary behind us it is time to turn our attention to the General Election in November. We are only a few short months until Virginians will determine the future of the Commonwealth.

We just discovered that progressives see Virginia as an opportunity to win statewide races and many of the House of Delegates. Below are two reports we were able to find that explain exactly what progressives are going to do in Virginia:

Let America Vote opens first field office in Virginia: The Democratic voting-rights group headed by Jason Kander will announce today that it is opening an office in Manassas "as part of a field operation that will span multiple states supporting voting rights champions running for office. The Manassas office will host field staff who will work to elect challengers and incumbents who support voting rights in state legislative races ... in addition to supporting Ralph Northam for governor. Virginia House of Delegates districts currently being targeted by Let America Vote include districts 2, 13, 31, 32, 34, 40, 50, 51, 67, and 87."

Progressive Turnout Project announces overlapping set of Virginia targets: The Democratic group will spend $600,000 on turnout efforts in 10 GOP House of Delegates districts carried by Hillary Clinton last year: 2, 13, 21, 31, 42, 50, 67, 72, 73, and 94. PTP is opening three field offices and hiring 25 field organizers dedicated to "turning out likely Democrats who are inconsistent voters." The program will be run as "randomized control trial experiments," per a release.

We are up against a formidable opponent and we must push back!

Please consider making a contribution to your Middle Resolution to ensure that we have the resources needed to counter this concerted effort to take over Virginia! We MUST not only mount a defense against this attempt to co-opt Virginia by Progressives, but we must also go on the offense to make sure that the Commonwealth is won by candidates who embrace constitutional values and the principles of limited Government. Please make a donation to your Middle Resolution TODAY or consider signing up for LET’S WIN in $20.17 by making a recurring donation of $20.17 every month until the election! Together we can secure the future of Virginia and thwart the Progressive agenda that threatens to hijack the future of the Commonwealth.

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