Honest Broker

“Middle Resolution is an engaged organization that works successfully with the leaders of the General Assembly on significant legislative issues, including parental choice in education, health care access, and regulatory reform. General Assembly members know Middle Resolution is an honest broker, steadfast in their principles but willing to get involved and work with lawmakers on the business of legislating.” - Speaker of The House Bill Howell

We appreciate these kind words by Speaker Howell, and we also take them to heart. It is our mission to be that “honest broker” and never waver on what we stand for, even as we aren’t afraid to be in the proverbial trenches getting the job done - whether that job is advocating, educating, campaigning or legislating.

We also aren’t afraid to have a little fun and we have an upcoming event that we think is going to be fun, informative and one of the “must not miss” political events of the summer. We hope you will join us for a one of kind evening on June 10th and go “Behind the Scenes With Matt Schlapp.” You can find more information HERE.

Matt is a kindred spirit, and not one to shy away from doing the hard work necessary to advance Constitutional Principles and conservative values. We know this evening will be one to be remembered for a long time.

Special Thanks to our first confirmed GOLD Sponsor:
Delegate Kirk Cox  

And our four Confirmed Silver Sponsors: 
Martha Boneta of Liberty Farm
John & Margaret Whitlock
Friends of Rich Anderson (Delegate John Anderson)
Speaker Bill Howell

We also have several more Silver Sponsors for the evening and don’t want you to miss your opportunity to register and RSVP! You can do so by Clicking HERE!

Come out and support your Middle Resolution so we may continue to be the “honest broker” in Richmond and the Commonwealth!