See You There

"The early and consistent support from The Middle Resolution helped us obtain the technology and resources required to run a successful campaign. While the other candidates were focused on their own primary, The Middle Resolution's early endorsement gave our campaign a tremendous advantage. Their support helped me communicate directly with voters on important issues like growing our economy, improving our education system, and reforming state government.  Under Craig’s leadership, the Middle Resolution has continued to be a strong advocate at the General Assembly for meaningful policy reforms.” - Senator Glen Sturtevant

These words echo exactly why your Middle Resolution Team works so hard on behalf of the men and women of the Commonwealth. Whether it is helping to pave the way for candidates or advocating for policy reforms in Richmond, we work for you, the voter.

The work we do requires a lot of resources and for this reason we occasionally host fundraisers or opportunities for you to give back to your Middle Resolution. One such event is coming up on June 10th. We are very excited to be hosting a special event with American Conservative Union and CPAC Chairman, Matt Schlapp.

Matt has been a political operative, White House Staffer, contributor to The Hill, and commentator on FOX News for years. In 2014 he was named Chairman of the ACU, which hosts CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) every year. Recently, Matt was on the air with Brett Baier as part of an “All Star Panel” discussing the events of the last week within the Trump Administration. You can watch it below or by clicking HERE.  

We know that you won’t want to miss the opportunity to go “Behind the Scenes” with Matt Schlapp but time is running out to register! Don’t hesitate to GO HERE and register for a night that we know you won’t forget!

We can’t wait to see you there!