We have been asking a lot of you lately! As you know, we are gearing up for Virginia’s Primary Elections on June 13th!  (Mark your calendars!) This is a busy time for us at The Middle Resolution, and we thank you for your continued support and your constant willingness to take action when it is needed. If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer, you can visit Action Virginia and get more involved!

Last week you were asked to remind our Republican legislators to Hold The Line on Medicaid Reform. Governor McAuliffe, once again, attempted to advance his agenda and expand Medicaid. You did not disappoint! Our legislators heard you and they remained faithful to their commitment by voting against Medicaid Expansion in the Commonwealth.

We also shared some exciting news with you last week - Craig DiSesa, long-time Middle Resolution member who served as our Director of Legislation & Accountability, accepted the position of President of The Middle Resolution. Craig will be regularly sharing his thoughts, priorities, goals, and accomplishments with you in the President’s Corner on the Middle Resolution Website. We encourage you to check it often!

Your Middle Resolution Team likes to keep you informed about various happenings around the Commonwealth, and we think you will find this upcoming event of great interest: The 6th District Republican Committee and the Sixth District Republican Women are hosting an Appreciation Gala honoring Don Huffman & Suzanne Curran on April 15 at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel & Conference Center in Staunton. The Special Guest Speakers include Dinesh D’Souza and Dr. Carol Swain! You can find out more about this event on the 6th District GOP’s Website. This is not a Middle Resolution-sponsored event, but it looks to be a very informative and should be an enjoyable evening.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that you can still be part of our $20.17 for 2017 campaign! Your contributions (monthly or one-time) provide the resources we need to continue working for you and for Virginia. Please consider contributing $20.17 a monthfor the remainder of 2017!

Thank you for your faithfulness and your commitment to the Commonwealth of Virginia.