Hold the Line

You may be aware that Governor McAuliffe has called for Medicaid expansion yet again. On Wednesday all the legislators will be back in town to finalize the budget. The Republican legislators have reiterated their opposition to expansion and have pledged to hold the line as they have done so far. We believe it is time to and to remind them that it is important to us - their constituents - that they continue to oppose the Governor’s plans to expand Medicaid in the Commonwealth.

The Virginia Medicaid Reform Team is a robust coalition put together by The Middle Resolution and is a primary reason we have been able to hold off Gov. McAuliffe on the expansion. The Virginia Medicaid Reform Team recently put out a letter that you can copy and paste to send to Republican Legislators, asking them to remain steadfast in their opposition. You can look up and find Virginia’s elected officials here. Below we have included the letter, or you can write one of your own and send it to our battle-weary legislators.

Medicaid reform would be disastrous for the Commonwealth and we simply cannot allow Governor McAuliffe to push through this unwanted expansion at what is almost the eleventh hour of his Governorship. Tell our legislators to Hold the Line!

Thank you for your prompt attention and for your continued support of The Middle Resolution!

Dear “legislator”,

Our thousands of members and followers across Virginia thank you for quickly rejecting Gov. McAuliffe’s renewed call for Medicaid expansion earlier this week.  

The news about expansion has not gotten any better since our coalition letter to you in January. Since then, numerous news stories have appeared about severe cost and enrollment overruns in Illinois, Oregon, and other states. Lawmakers in Arkansas are seeking an enrollment freeze to cope with the disaster Medicaid expansion has caused there. The disabled and other vulnerable groups are having trouble accessing care in expansion states.  Meanwhile, expansion has hurt employment, destroyed hospital jobs, and crowded out private insurance – adverse effects expansion supporters never mention.  In Virginia, the hospital industry that claimed it could not survive without expansion is in fact thriving; profits and net worth are up.  The Governor did not mention any of this at his press conference.

The Paul Ryan Obamacare repeal bill shows that the days of unlimited Medicaid spending are numbered.  Whatever repeal bill eventually reaches the President’s desk will likely push Medicaid back to the states, with limited resources. It would be a grave mistake to expand the largest cost driver in Virginia’s budget at this uncertain juncture.

We will be watching the April General Assembly session with great interest and trust you will continue to stand strong against expansion.  




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