Virginians for Virginia!

As the race for Virginia heats up, and with statewide primaries less than two months away (June 13th!!!), we are noticing a troubling trend in the Commonwealth. For yet another election, outsiders with deep pockets are stepping in to fund and stump for the Democrats.

"Tom Perriello, who won, then lost a congressional seat after a single term and hasn’t held office in seven years, is relying on endorsements from U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and other national political headliners, many of them in the Obama and Sanders orbits, to give his surprise candidacy visibility beyond his home base of Charlottesville.

For a guy who talks and talks and talks about people-powered politics, Perriello is dependent on a handful of deep-pocketed people, most of them from outside Virginia, to power his campaign." (Source HERE)

Your Middle Resolution Team believes that Virginia’s elections should be about Virginia, not about parading around a national stage and not about “Feeling the Bern.” That is why we are proud to support and to have endorsed candidates whose campaigns are by Virginians and for Virginians.

Ed Gillespie, the candidate we have endorsed for Governor and current frontrunner according to a recent Quinnipiac poll, and John Adams, who will be the Republican nominee for Attorney General now that his opponents have either dropped out or failed to qualify for the ballot, both believe that the Commonwealth is best served by candidates and campaigns that are about Virginia.

The challenge with holding to this principle is funding. National celebrities bring big donors and bottomless pockets, and the Democrats don’t hesitate to reach into them to bolster campaigns that would otherwise be struggling for lack of local, grassroots support. This is why it is so important for you, the committed, informed, active citizens of the Commonwealth, to support your Middle Resolution. Your contributions go directly to our efforts to carry out our mission and to reinforce the campaign efforts of the candidates we have endorsed.

We need your help, but more importantly, in order to ensure victory in November, we must be able to compete against the likes of a George Soros and Bernie Sanders bankroll. Would you consider becoming a monthly donor for the remainder of the election cycle? Could you commit to contributing $20.17 a month until November so we can declare victory for 2017? We believe that nothing can compare to the power of a mobilized and engaged electorate and with your help, we will defeat the Democrats at their own, expensive game this fall.

Together let’s keep Virginia for Virginians!