Our New President


Today we are so very excited to make a special announcement about The Middle Resolution's leadership! Our board has unanimously elected Craig DiSesa President of Middle Resolution PAC!   

Craig is the leader we need to lead us forward.  He has an impressive background and a vast amount of practical experience that makes him uniquely qualified to be our president. His understanding of the issues most important to the citizens of the Commonwealth, along with his commitment to the values and principles held by the framers of the Constitution, will enable him to advocate and advance our priorities in the years to come.

Please take the time to get to know Craig and his vision for Middle Resolution PAC:

Dear Members,
Over the past eight years The Middle Resolution has experienced unparalleled success in Virginia politics. With your loyal support, The Middle Resolution has been able to send a clear message to legislators that we will not bend in our resolute defense of our principles:  limited government, economic freedom and equal opportunity for everyone.
Our strategy of influencing campaigns to elect constitutionally conservative candidates and drive legislation that aligns with our principles uniquely places us in a position of significant stature in the Commonwealth. This has allowed us to continually develop relationships both inside the legislature and outside the legislature, which in turn amplifies our influence.
Several months ago the Executive Committee began to discuss the future of The Middle Resolution. As with all non-profits, we have experienced stages of vision, growth and maturity. We have reached an inflection point where it is important that we decide if we are going to expand our impact in Virginia or continue on our present path. It didn’t take long for us to decide that our success has occurred for a reason and to ignore that would be a violation of the very vision our Founders had some 240 years ago.  
We unanimously decided to grow The Middle Resolution into the premier political organization in Virginia: We are committed to ensuring that when a donor contributes to our vision, they feel absolutely confident that their resources will achieve the desired results.
Since making that decision, we have been working diligently to develop a strategic long-term plan for The Middle Resolution’s future success. As part of that, we have included a succession plan for leadership. The first decision in this succession was to formalize the position of President.  Soon after that decision was made several members of the board encouraged me to consider transitioning into this position. After quite a bit of consultation from colleagues, prayer and encouragement from my family, I accepted.
Integrated into our long-term planning is a strategy for helping the Republican nominees for statewide office win in 2017.  This strategy includes:
  1. Endorsing candidates in the primaries.
  2. Focus on influencing voters to support candidates who commit to passing education choice.
  3. Improve voter list maintenance to ensure voter integrity.
  4. Prepare the battlefield for advancing education choice in the 2018 General Assembly.
I am absolutely convinced that we are distinctively positioned to move to the next level of influence. I invite you to join us on this incredible journey and ask that you support our efforts with your prayers and resources.
I am both honored and humbled by the trust The Middle Resolution’s executive committee and the board has placed in me. My promise to you is that I will execute my duties with the utmost integrity and serve you in a manner that makes you proud to call yourself a member of The Middle Resolution.
With sincere gratitude,
Craig DiSesa

Please join us in welcoming Craig as our new President!