Let's Win in 2017!

What an exciting few weeks we have had here at The Middle Resolution! As you know, we endorsed John Adams for Attorney General at the beginning of this month and just last week we announced our endorsement of Ed Gillespie for Governor of the Commonwealth! We are looking forward to the primaries in June and to the General Election in November.

As you know we have also been hard at work advocating for the issues that are important to you. We were frustrated but not deterred when Governor McAuliffe vetoed four different education choice bills last week. The Governor’s complete disregard for our children’s education is a stark reminder that this upcoming election is crucial for the Commonwealth. Our children are depending on us!

The Commonwealth of Virginia cannot sustain another four years of a McAuliffe-style administration. We will do our part to ensure a victory for Constitutional Principles and Limited Government in the fall, but

We need your help. Let’s Win in 2017!

Would you consider giving a one-time gift of $20.17 to The Middle Resolution to help support our election -season efforts? We want to win in 2017 and we know you do too!

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Your contributions make our work possible and our work is only going to increase and intensify as November approaches. Can we count on you to support our efforts to restore fiscal responsibility, our founding principles, education justice and limited government here in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Together, let’s WIN in 2017!