Tune in Tuesday!

We had so much fun with our Facebook Live Endorsement of John Adams for Attorney General, we decided that we would do it again.  Except this time, we are ready to announce our endorsement for Governor!

Be sure to tune in this Tuesday, March 21 around 4pm for our Live Announcement on our Facebook page!

Don’t worry, if you don’t have Facebook. We will send you the reveal shortly after the live announcement!

As you've seen in the past, we take our endorsements very seriously - as a duty to you, our members. When we decide to back a candidate, you can be sure that 1) we have really done our homework, 2) the candidate stands out above the rest, and 3) they align with our values and mission.

We are looking forward to revealing who we have chosen to support for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Don’t forget to check our Facebook Page for more details leading up to Tuesday!

We have decided to refrain from endorsing a candidate for Lieutenant Governor at this time. The candidates and their campaigns have been notified and we will continue to watch as this Primary Season unfolds.