What a Week

This has been a busy and exciting week here at The Middle Resolution! We kicked off the week with our Special Announcement endorsing John Adams for Attorney General. (If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it HERE). Mr. Adams impresses us with his experience, his knowledge of the Constitution, his grasp on the issues important to Virginians and his desire to serve. We encourage you to learn more about Mr. Adams in the coming weeks.

This week we also put out a Call-to-Action about Del. Dave LaRock’s PCESA Legislation, HB1605. As you  know, it passed both the House and the Senate in Richmond and is awaiting Governor McAuliffe’s signature or veto. We are urging our members and friends to call the Governor to ask him to sign HB1605 into law!

Lastly, we announced our next Member Meeting and would like to remind you that you can renew your Membership, or join as a Member by Clicking Here. Your support makes our legislative and electoral work possible.   

The next Member Meeting is Wednesday, March 15th from 7am - 9am at Hanover Tavern, 13181 Hanover Courthouse Rd., Hanover, VA 23069.  Donuts and coffee will be provided and we will be joined by Special Guest John Adams! There will be time for a Q and A and for you to get to know him.  

We look forward to seeing you this week at our Member Meeting and to continuing to keep you informed on the issues that are important to you. Thank you for your continuing support and for making your voices heard in Richmond.



For Immediate Release

The Middle Resolution Endorses John Adams for Attorney General

Mechanicsville, VA - On March 5, 2017, Middle Resolution PAC announced its endorsement of John Adams for Attorney General. The announcement was made during a Facebook Live event. Middle Resolution Board Member, Al Jackson, met with the candidate in his campaign office to make the announcement Live on Social Media. “We are here this evening to endorse John Adams to win this race for Attorney General. We want him to be the next Attorney General for Virginia.”

Jackson then spoke with Adams about his experience on the campaign trail, his interpretation of the Constitution and his experience as a Clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas and later as a lawyer in the White House under George W. Bush.  

Adams thanked Jackson and Middle Resolution PAC for the endorsement and commented, “I care a great deal about our Constitution and I care deeply about the rule of law and over the last 4 years here in Virginia we have had an attorney general who has not handled that office the way it should be handled. So I decided to seek public office.”

Adams explained his vision for his role as Attorney General, “The American people and folks in the Commonwealth of Virginia feel like the government isn’t serving the people anymore. The people feel like they are serving the Government, and that is just not the way our system was designed...If I can do my part as the Attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia to return the rule of law to allow the people to govern themselves the way they see fit by enforcing the laws they pass, by being their lawyer and serving them, then I’ll feel great if I can do my part in that way.”

Middle Resolution PAC is advocating heavily for Parental Choice in Education this election season. Adams affirmed the rights of parents to educate their children in the best way available to them, “We will all thrive when we have outstanding options for parents. Whether they want to homeschool their kids, whether they want to send them to religious schools, private schools, public schools, charter schools - that's how we are going to thrive as a society.”  John Adams’ campaign website is http://www.johnadamsforva.com/.

The statewide primary election will take place on June 13, 2017 and the general election for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and the House of Delegates will be held on November 7, 2017.

The Middle Resolution is committed to advancing free market principles and equal rights for all citizens of Virginia by helping to elect candidates who align with our values and principles, advancing public policy that reflects our values and principles, and holding politicians accountable to their promises of  limited government.

Achieving this mission requires establishing leadership that is committed to the principles of constitutional government and acts consistently on the values of integrity, personal responsibility, courage, and justice. The Middle Resolution’s Website is found here.


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