Voter Integrity

We have been keeping you informed about our efforts to maintain voter integrity here in the Commonwealth.  We are encouraged by recent developments pertaining to two lawsuits filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF). Accoding to a  recent Press Release, the court ruled in favor of PILF, requiring the City of Manassas and the County of Chesterfield to disclose the total number of noncitizens registered to vote in these jurisdictions.

“These are positive steps toward quantifying the true extent of noncitizen voter registration in Virginia,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “Washington and Richmond alike are positioned to consider various election integrity reforms and are right to do so. Those discussions deserve precise data like we’ve obtained.”

According to the release: In light of the recent case developments, PILF is now preparing new measures for Virginia jurisdictions still refusing to provide records indicating noncitizen voting activity.

We are proud to have a strong partnership with the Virginia Voters Alliance and believe that it is time for the Commonwealth to enact Voter Integrity laws that will safeguard the privilege of voting for all our citizens. The closure of the two lawsuits against Manassas and Chesterfield has given us some momentum and we need to take advantage of the conversations that are taking place in Richmond to promote and promulgate our Voter Integrity initiative.

We need YOUR help in order to effect lasting and legislative change. Would you consider joining our 1776 Fund by making a monthly contribution of $17.76? Or giving a larger one time gift to ensure your Middle Resolution Team has the resources we need to continue to work for YOU on this very important issue.

Voter Fraud and the abuse of the franchise to vote is intolerable, and we will continue to work to restore and protect this privilege for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with your help.