Behind the Scenes

“Your Middle Resolution Team is hard at work.” You’ve heard this phrase more than once and if you check out our website, you’ll read:

"At The Middle Resolution, we are committed to government that promotes; The Constitution, fiscal and individual responsibility, low taxes, and limited government regulation. The Middle Resolution PAC supports candidates who reflect the organization's values, principles and goals. We are busy on many fronts, to include: grassroots advocacy, evaluating legislation, studying candidates for election, understanding and educating on the issues…”

But what exactly does that mean? What does that work and this commitment look like? With a Commonwealth-wide election almost upon us and a busy Legislative Session underway we thought you might like a small glimpse behind the scenes of the Middle Resolution.

We have been busy in Richmond and at our Headquarters reviewing legislation, speaking with elected officials and advocating for the policies and proposals that adhere to our nation’s Founding Principles. One of our Team Members recently met with Delegate Dave LaRock to celebrate and support his recently passed Bill, HB1605, which would establish Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts and ensure Education Justice for the students of the Commonwealth, particularly those with special needs and in low income situations.

Middle Resolution Team Member, Craig DiSesa, with Del. Dave LaRock. 

Middle Resolution Team Member, Craig DiSesa, with Del. Dave LaRock. 

We have also been quite busy preparing for the Gubernatorial, Lieutenant General, and Attorney General elections. This involves interviewing candidates, researching, fact checking, polling, and debating. As you know, The Middle Resolution does not endorse a candidate unless we feel he or she is the absolute best person for the job. We want you to know you can trust our endorsements and to know that they are earned - not given. In a few weeks we will begin to reveal which candidates have earned such an endorsement from us. Be sure you are plugged in to our Facebook and Twitter pages and that you are subscribed to this newsletter. You aren’t going to want to miss the endorsements - or how we reveal them - trust us!

Throughout the year you have probably also noticed that we host events and participate in happenings around the Commonwealth that advance our mission and provide opportunities for you to learn more about the fundamental principles that we hold dear. You can expect more of these as 2017 progresses and we hope to see you there!

These are just a few small glimpses ‘behind the scenes’ of the Middle Resolution and we hope that you are assured of our tireless commitment to you and to our mission. Please forward this email to friends or family who would be interested in staying up to date and receiving our weekly Newsletters! They can sign up HERE.