Going Live!

This is going to be an exciting year in the Commonwealth! Between what we hope will be a productive Legislative Session and the upcoming races for Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and Governor, your Middle Resolution Team is hard at work!

As we continue to work for you, we occasionally come across resources that we think you might find beneficial and we want to share. One of these resources is new to Richmond and we think it's pretty great. The State House and Senate are now live streaming floor sessions and archiving the video footage to be viewed at your convenience! This link is for the House and this link is for the Senate. Additionally, Progress Virginia has launched an initiative called “Eyes on Virginia” that uses UStream to broadcast and archive Committee Meetings in Richmond. You can check that out here.  These are useful tools for constituents. You can check in and see how your elected officials are representing you and your priorities and watch as legislation that is important to you is voted upon and debated. We think this a great step towards more transparency in our State Government and we encourage you to take advantage of these video feeds and archives.

In PCESA news, this week we were pleased to see that HB1605, the Parental Choice Education Savings Account bill that originated in the House, passed through the Senate Health and Education Committee and is making its way through the Senate Finance Committee. We will continue to follow this bill closely and hope that it does not meet the same fate as its Senate counterpart, SB1243, which was defeated when Lt. Governor Ralph Northam voted against it to break a tie.

As the Legislative Session continues and we begin to gear up for the elections, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can stay up to date and informed as we work for you. Please encourage your friends and family to sign up for these weekly emailsand to follow us as well!