Good News About PCESA and a new Ed. Secretary!

This week we are happy to pass along some good news regarding one of the Parental Choice Education Savings Account (PCESA) Bills that is making its way through Richmond. HB1605 was passed by the House on Tuesday and is on the way to the Senate. Unfortunately, the Senate version, SB1243 was defeated when the vote ended in a tie, which was broken by the Lt. Governor voting against special needs and poor children in favor of special interests.

Commenting on the tie-breaking vote by the Lt. Governor, Craig DiSesa of the Middle Resolution said,

“Once again, the LT. Governor and the democrats demonstrate their preference for special interests over special needs. [Tuesday], Lt. Governor Ralph Northam caved to the education bureaucracy by voting “no" on SB1243 that would have given special needs children and children living in poverty an opportunity to leave schools that are failing them. Fortunately, 2017 is an election year in VA. It is time for Virginia to elect a Governor and Lt. Governor who will side with children who are suffering in the inner-city instead of siding with the powerful special interests that block education choice every chance they have.”

There was another, more historic, tie-breaking vote cast last week as well. Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education; a first for a sitting Vice President. Mrs. DeVos is a supporter of Parental Choice in Education and we are very optimistic for the future of education in America and here in the Commonwealth with her at the helm. After a contentious battle for her confirmation we are happy to Congratulate her on her new role in the Trump Administration.

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