Enthusiasm and Energy at MR Membership Meeting

Ronald Reagan often told the story about a little boy who, when asked why he was furiously digging through a pile of manure, explained, "There's gotta be pony in here somewhere!"
At the first Middle Resolution membership meeting since the disappointing election results, the same optimism and energy were on display.  The standing room-only crowd was ready for the 2018 General Assembly session and was looking forward to the exciting races in 2018 and 2019. 
The event held in Henrico County on November 29 featured Delegates-elect Emily Brewer and John McGuire, who both discussed the new challenges facing Virginia in 2018 as Republicans hold on to slim majorities in both the House and the Senate.
Brewer, a 33-year-old and passionate small business owner, talked about how she was able to garner significant grassroots support by out-hustling her primary and general election opponents, even though she was outspent. She shared that she was adopted and has a true passion for making Virginia a more adoption friendly state.
McGuire recounted his troubling childhood: he was abandoned by his mother, bounced around foster homes, eventually raised by grandparents, but he never gave up.  He became a Navy SEAL and will soon be a member of the Virginia General Assembly."I never lost my faith," he said.
Middle Resolution's Political Director, Nancy Smith, outlined the organization's successful campaign activities in 2017, including engaging minority and education-minded communities.
The featured speaker, State Board of Elections Vice Chairwoman Clara Belle Wheeler, painted a scary picture of Democrat attempts to undermine the will of the voters.  While the VA State Board certified the election results last week in two contested races, she said the Democrats’ plan is to call for recounts and use the courts to prevent two certified winners from being seated in January, preventing a Republican majority.
That's why we must always remain vigilant and not idly stand by as the progressive left attacks our freedoms. We encourage all of you to support our cause by volunteering, donating and engaging us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.