We Are Your Voice in 2018

The Middle Resolution’s vision has always been to provide a voice for Virginia's citizens at the General Assembly. Early in the year, we made a strategic decision to expand our operations to amplify your voice and increase legislator accountability.
We began this expansion by recruiting proven talent to our team. We brought on a Director of Development and Communications, a Social Media consultant, and an Administrative Assistant. We now have the staff we need to magnify your influence in Richmond.

Education United.png

We then launched a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization called Education United. Education United brings awareness to the many innovative opportunities in the education system through collaboration and communication so that every child has an opportunity for a quality education. Over the past five months, we reached hundreds of thousands of voters across the state to learn about the most important issues facing our education system today.  After our research, we are even more determined and motivated to continue our work towards promoting reforms to allow all children the opportunity to succeed in life. 

The future of Virginia politics is going to be very challenging. This requires your Middle Resolution team to remain very focused. As we move into 2018, our first priority will be to increase Republican majorities in both the State House and Senate in the 2019 elections; while at the same time, holding legislators accountable to their commitment to conservative principles. In light of this year’s elections, this will not be easy and will require tremendous resources and a motivated army of volunteers to make this happen.

2017 to 2018.png

Two of the best ways we can work together to improve the lives of all Virginians are to support The Middle Resolution by donating time and resources. Therefore, we ask you to consider making an end-of-year donation so we can hit the ground running in 2018You may donate online through our website. No amount is too small, as contributions from many make us stronger. If you cannot contribute at this time, I ask that you consider becoming a volunteer, as there are many ways to get involved that will help us reach our mission and ensure your voice is heard.

We have a challenge in front of us that we can conquer! It is in our nature to do so! Let’s roll up our sleeves and take on 2018!