Press release: Middle Resolution warns GOP legislators not to be enticed by Northam job offers

November 21, 2017

Middle Resolution warns GOP legislators not to be enticed by Northam job offers

Mechanicsville, VA...With talk that Governor-elect Ralph Northam may try to undermine Republican majorities in the state Senate or state House by offering GOP legislators high-paying jobs in his administration, Middle Resolution called on lawmakers to stay true to the voters who elected them.

“Don’t take the bait,” said Middle Resolution President Craig DiSesa. “The only reason these legislators are in this position is because the voters gave them the opportunity to serve. They cannot abdicate that responsibility.”

Republicans currently hold one-seat majorities in the both the state House and Senate. If one GOP lawmaker in either chamber takes a position in the incoming Northam administration and a Democrat wins the special election to fill the seat, it could swing majorities to the Democrats and undermine the will of the electorate.

The General Assembly is scheduled to begin its session on January 10, 2018 with critical issues such as Medicaid expansion, education choice and election law reform on the docket.

Rumors have circulated that Northam is offering some Republicans full-time administration positions with significantly higher pay and lucrative pension benefits. According to published reports, a number of legislators have already been contacted by Northam officials. The future of the state is in the balance.

“The slim Republican majorities are our only defense against the effort to make Virginia a big-government, high-tax state such as Maryland, New Jersey and California.” added DiSesa “Any Republican who submits to this temptation will ensure the passage of the budget-busting Obamacare expansion, a job killing increase in the minimum wage, and serious threat to our 2nd amendment rights.”


Middle Resolution’s mission is to identify and elect qualified candidates, collaborate on free market policies and hold leaders accountable.