We Asked And You Answered

Over the past several months, we have been developing a thoughtful strategy to expand our membership's influence in the General Assembly and beyond. But before we could complete our strategic planning process, we wanted to make sure we clearly understood yourpriorities; your input is critical to the success of The Middle Resolution.

To understand these priorities we asked you to share your concerns about the political division in the country and what you think Middle Resolution could do to provide effective solutions.

True to your commitment to support our efforts, we received a significant number of responses to our survey. We want to THANK YOU for taking the time to complete the survey.  Below is a brief summary of the survey results.

We asked about your view of the current political environment. Overwhelmingly, 93% of the respondents said they were discouraged by the lack of meaningful legislation being passed in Congress with a Republican majority in both houses. Although the House of Representatives has delivered on many of their promises and have sent hundreds of bills to the U.S. Senate, the Senate cannot get its act together. They haven’t been paying any attention to “we the people.” President Trump’s victory should have been a wake up call but that appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

We then asked "What would you like to see to get reengaged in the political process?" Not surprisingly, legislator accountability came in at almost 80% and passing meaningful legislation at the federal and state levels came in at 70%.  

The last question asked was "What do you think The Middle Resolution can do to impact campaigns and promote political engagement?" Mentoring political candidates came in as most important to you at 66%, closely followed by offering insight into public policy at 64%.

You have asked us to deliver on legislator accountability, help pass meaningful legislation, mentoring candidates for office, and providing insight into policy. The great news is that our mission aligns with your same values - to elect qualified candidates, collaborate on meaningful policy and hold leaders accountable.  This is exactly what we have been focused on and delivering since our founding in 2009.

Moving forward, we will continue to listen to your priorities by remaining engaged with the voters to advance public policy that unleashes the individual potential of every Virginian.

*Be sure to SAVE THE DATE for our next Member's Meeting on November 29th!*