The 2017 Legislative Session is in full swing and your Middle Resolution Team is hard at work for you and for the Commonwealth.  We have a few Legislative priorities for this session and you can read about them HERE under the “Other Legislative Priorities” tab.

As you know, one of these priorities is Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts (PCESA). We invite you to go HERE and sign a petition to show your support for PCESA! Many of you received an Action Alert this week because a PCESA Bill was to be introduced in Committee. This legislation will be reappearing this week, most likely on Thursday, and we encourage your continued calls into Richmond to voice your support.

In addition to PCESA, one of our priorities for this session is Election Law Reform.

You may recall that we raised the alarm before the General Election in November with regards to certain localities in Virginia allegedly participating in or covering up fraud. At the beginning of November a lawsuit was filed against two Voter Registrars in the Commonwealth by the Public Interest Legal Foundation. As alleged in the complaint, both of these registrars refused requests to access records relating to voters dropped from the rolls because they were found to not be citizens of the United States.  

This is evidence of a larger issue: the need for Election Law Reform in the Commonwealth, and we are committed to working towards that end in Richmond. The Legislation we support can be found HERE and includes voter ID requirementsproof of citizenship, and alerting registrars of voters who are registered in two or more states.

As the Session continues and it gets even busier in Richmond, you can be sure that we will keep you up to date and encourage you to make your own voices heard when you receive an Action alert from your Middle Resolution Team; and of course, you can rest assured that we are on the job!