With slim majorities in Richmond, now is time to hold the line

At The Middle Resolution, we affirm Mark Twain’s famous adage that “No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”  With that in mind, here are the main issues we will be monitoring to protect Virginian's rights.
Medicaid Reform
As in other states, Democrats here have called for massive expansion of Obamacare’s Medicaid program, which has led to financial disasters in every state it has been tried.  We will fight for Medicaid reform that doesn’t bust the budget.
Education Choice
Parents deserve the opportunity to choose the best schools available for their kids (no matter the zip code).  Unfortunately, Virginia is one of the most restrictive states in the nation. We will work to ensure that a child's access to a quality education isn't controlled by where they live.
Election Reform
As the past few weeks have proven, citizens must have confidence in our electoral system.  It should not be tainted by court battles or ballot integrity problems as we will fight for more reforms. 

Will momentum turn into radical liberal bills in VA statehouse?

The Virginia General Assembly starts its biennial, budgetary session next week and Republicans are, once again, in control thanks to the tie-breaking drawing held by the Virginia Board of Elections this morning.  The future of the Commonwealth may very well depend on what happens in Richmond in the next few months.
Perhaps we have been spoiled in the last few years.  A nearly 2-1 GOP majority in the House of Delegates ensured that—even with a small Republican majority in the Senate and Democrat governor—radical, big-government schemes like massive increases in social spending and legislative attacks on the free market were unlikely to succeed. 
But an unassailable GOP majority is no longer the case. The state is at a tipping point, and we must be vigilant about what a single vote could do in the legislature. Middle Resolution will ensure we hold officeholders accountable by focusing on three key issues: healthcare reform, educational choice, and election integrity.

We Are Your Voice in 2018

The Middle Resolution’s vision has always been to provide a voice for Virginia's citizens at the General Assembly. Early in the year, we made a strategic decision to expand our operations to amplify your voice and increase legislator accountability.
We began this expansion by recruiting proven talent to our team. We brought on a Director of Development and Communications, a Social Media consultant, and an Administrative Assistant. We now have the staff we need to magnify your influence in Richmond.

Fighting the Progressive Agenda: If Not You, Then Who?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." This is as true today as it was nearly two and half centuries ago when Edmund Burke—who laid the intellectual groundwork for modern day conservatism—warned that political apathy is the first step toward losing our freedoms. 
Middle Resolution was founded in 2009, after we had elected a community organizer President.  With complete control of the federal government, the left imposed its progressive agenda on the American people, including such dubious programs as cash-for-clunkers, a stimulus package, Obamacare and massive federal deficits.
While the liberal overreach caused a reaction that led to the creation of such groups as The Middle Resolution, the damage done during the early Obama years can still be felt today.  For example, with a more liberal legislature about to convene in Richmond next month, we can expect an aggressive push to expand Obamacare’s Medicaid program in Virginia, threatening many important state programs.

Enthusiasm and Energy at MR Membership Meeting

Ronald Reagan often told the story about a little boy who, when asked why he was furiously digging through a pile of manure, explained, "There's gotta be pony in here somewhere!"
At the first Middle Resolution membership meeting since the disappointing election results, the same optimism and energy were on display.  The standing room-only crowd was ready for the 2018 General Assembly session and was looking forward to the exciting races in 2018 and 2019. 
The event held in Henrico County on November 29 featured Delegates-elect Emily Brewer and John McGuire, who both discussed the new challenges facing Virginia in 2018 as Republicans hold on to slim majorities in both the House and the Senate.
Brewer, a 33-year-old and passionate small business owner, talked about how she was able to garner significant grassroots support by out-hustling her primary and general election opponents, even though she was outspent. She shared that she was adopted and has a true passion for making Virginia a more adoption friendly state.

A Call To Action!

Reminder: Middle Resolution Member Meeting Nov. 29th at 7:30AM to 9:00AM at Publix Community Room 10250 Staples Mill Rd Glen Allen, VA 23060

This month’s election results have caused us to reflect on our new reality in Virginia General Assembly. With both chambers teetering on a slim majority, the challenge has moved from advancing pro-growth policies to stopping policies that will prevent people from improving their lives.

The good news is we can recover from these loses. In the 1970s, the Democrats held significant majorities in both chambers since reconstruction. But the Republicans decided not to let that deter them. With the leadership of Dick Obenshain and George McMath, the Republican Party realized they had the ability to prevail by developing the “capacity for hard, precinct-level, local political activity that [was] going to be the price of future victories.” That movement led to the Republicans controlling both chambers by 1999 - for the first time in over a century - and Virginia continues to benefit from their determination.

Let's Give Thanks

As we begin to enjoy the holiday season, let’s take a moment to reflect on the incredible blessings we have been given. Thanksgiving is more than festivities; it’s a time to be thankful, a time to remember and a time to embrace those who enrich our lives.

It’s also important for us at The Middle Resolution to be thankful for your continuing support of our mission and values. We can’t say it enough: Thank you!

We pray you have the opportunity to share Thanksgiving with family, friends and loved ones.

Forever Thankful,

Your Middle Resolution Team

Press release: Middle Resolution warns GOP legislators not to be enticed by Northam job offers

Contact: mike@middleresolution.org
November 21, 2017

Middle Resolution warns GOP legislators not to be enticed by Northam job offers

Mechanicsville, VA...With talk that Governor-elect Ralph Northam may try to undermine Republican majorities in the state Senate or state House by offering GOP legislators high-paying jobs in his administration, Middle Resolution called on lawmakers to stay true to the voters who elected them.

“Don’t take the bait,” said Middle Resolution President Craig DiSesa. “The only reason these legislators are in this position is because the voters gave them the opportunity to serve. They cannot abdicate that responsibility.”

Republicans currently hold one-seat majorities in the both the state House and Senate. If one GOP lawmaker in either chamber takes a position in the incoming Northam administration and a Democrat wins the special election to fill the seat, it could swing majorities to the Democrats and undermine the will of the electorate.

The General Assembly is scheduled to begin its session on January 10, 2018 with critical issues such as Medicaid expansion, education choice and election law reform on the docket.

Rumors have circulated that Northam is offering some Republicans full-time administration positions with significantly higher pay and lucrative pension benefits. According to published reports, a number of legislators have already been contacted by Northam officials. The future of the state is in the balance.

“The slim Republican majorities are our only defense against the effort to make Virginia a big-government, high-tax state such as Maryland, New Jersey and California.” added DiSesa “Any Republican who submits to this temptation will ensure the passage of the budget-busting Obamacare expansion, a job killing increase in the minimum wage, and serious threat to our 2nd amendment rights.”


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