Del. Chris Peace’s Voting Record - A Concern for Conservatives

Over the past several years we have noticed a pattern in Del. Peace’s voting record that brings into question his conservative credentials. We didn’t really notice this shift to the left until he led the effort to pass Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

Once he made this drastic change in political philosophy, we began to dig deeper into his voting record. What we found surprised us along with many of his previous top donors.

Below, we have summarized many of Del. Peace’s votes over the past few years that have demonstrated his propensity for supporting big government spending!

Medicaid Expansion

Many have said, “It is only one vote!” It was more than just one vote! Del. Peace’s role in leading the effort to pass Medicaid expansion is the most flagrant violation of conservative values we have seen in 10 years at the General Assembly.

This one vote violated just about every conservative principle we hold.

Here is a summary of the impact of Del. Peace’s vote to expand Medicaid:

  1. The largest expansion of the welfare state in VA – Estimated that over 400,000 people will be added to the rolls! 

  2. Increased the national debt by 3 billion dollars!

  3. Increased taxes to hospitals!

  4. Increased taxpayer funded abortions by giving Planned Parenthood 2.5 million!

  5. Created an unfunded mandate to local Department Social Services offices!

  6. Is now crowding out Free Clinics!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) is responsible for administering Medicaid. Just last year they missed their spending forecast by 462 million dollars. And now we learned they underestimated Medicaid expansion enrollment by almost 30% through March.

It is clear that Virginia wasn’t ready for this enormous increase in the welfare state but that didn’t bother Del. Peace. He decided he knew best when it comes to spending your taxpayer dollars.

Private Property Rights

In 2013, you may recall the Boneta Bill, famously named after a farm owner whose private property rights were grossly violated by county authorities. This bill was designed to protect farmers from over anxious lawmakers who want to seize private property. Del. Peace was the only Republican that did not vote “yes” for this legislation.  Seems a bit curious! Possibly he had a conflict of interest but then you have to ask yourself, “Why would he have a conflict with protecting private property?“

One vote does not make one suspect but when a pattern begins to develop, it is legitimate to ask probing questions. In 2017, SB1195 authorized the ”Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services free access at reasonable hours to certain farms to inspect the farms and take samples.” No search warrant necessary!! Del. Peace voted for this bill when it was clearly a violation of the 4thAmendment to the United States Constitution (4th Amendment).

Renewable Energy

Del. Peace is a big proponent of supporting renewable energy! We think renewable energy has great promise but we believe it should be able to sustain itself without taxpayer dollars. When the government starts handing out tax credits to large energy companies to develop renewable energy, they pick winners and losers in the energy market. Think Solyndra!

Just this year, HB1718 was introduced to prevent ratepayers from paying for pipelines from which they derive no benefit. We believe the people who benefit from the pipeline and the shareholders who benefit from the profits should pay for the pipeline. Again, Del. Peace demonstrated his propensity for using your hard earned money to subsidize big profitable corporations by voting “yes” on this legislation.

Economic Growth

The left believes the answer to poverty is to spend more money on welfare. Conservatives believe the answer to reducing poverty is creating jobs through the private sector. Reducing regulations and giving small businesses an opportunity to succeed has been and will continue to be the greatest provider of human needs.

Del. Peace has started to show a propensity to spend taxpayer dollars on solving problems the private sector is much more able to address.

Just this year, Peace voted (HB2473) to increase the minimum wage on babysitters, ushers, and doorman. This sounds good except history has shown when you increase the minimum wage all you do is reduce opportunities for first time job seekers.

Peace also voted for SB1656, which expands the welfare state, reduces personal responsibility and increases dependency on the government. This is antithetical to conservative values.



The Middle Resolution does not deal with the abortion issue. However, abortion is an important issue for almost all conservatives. Unfortunately, Del. Peace, who claims to be pro-life has demonstrated questionable support for the fundamental belief that every human being is created in the image of God.

In 2017, he voted “no” to a “Day of Tears” resolution (HR268) that recognizes the anniversary of Roe vs Wade and mourns the innocents who lost their lives to abortion.

Also, in 2017, an amendment to the Budget Bill, commonly referred to as the Hyde Amendment, was introduced to prevent tax -payer dollars funding abortions. Del. Peace did not vote for this amendment.

In 2018 (HB30), Del. Peace, who was on the Appropriations Conference Committee, helped negotiate 2.5 million dollars for money to go to Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics.



What we have noticed is a pattern of voting that is deliberately moving to the left. Del. Peace seems to have made a political calculation that supporting Democrat initiatives (i.e. Medicaid expansion) and increasing Government spending will help his political aspirations! He has become the Democrats favorite Republican.