Track Record

The Middle Resolution is a conservative Virginia organization with a Super PAC, State PAC, 501c4, and 501c3. Founded in 2009, TMR has been working to elect qualified conservative candidates who will advance freedom for all Virginians. They have an impressive success rate of 72% in primaries and 75% in the general elections.

Congressional Races

2009 – Helped Morgan Griffith defeat a 28-year Democrat incumbent in Virginia’s 9th CD.

2011 – Supported Tom Garrett in his primary win for state Senate. Garrett went on to become a US Congressman (CD5) and member of the Freedom Caucus.

2014 – Worked with Dave Brat (CD7) to defeat Republican Minority Leader Eric Cantor with an all-out grassroots blitz. Dave won the primary election with 55% of the vote and the general with 60% of the vote. Brat was a member of the Freedom Caucus.

2016 –Nancy Smith, Middle Resolution’s Political Director, was Congressman Brat’s Campaign Manager. He won that race with 57.2% of the vote.

2020 – Nancy Smith was Congressman Bob Good’s Campaign manager. Good (CD5) won that highly contested race and became a member of the Freedom Caucus.

Virginia House of Delegate, Senate, and Statewide Elections

2009 – House of Delegates

Worked in five House seats to help gain a more substantial majority in the House. TMR candidates won all five races. Three of those races were won by less than 300 votes; one race was won with a differential of only 16 votes.

House District 51 – Richard Anderson

House District 67 – James LeMunyon

House District 23 – T. Scott Garrett

House District 55 – John Cox

House District 21 – Ronald Villanueva

2011State Senate

Democrats controlled the Senate 52-48. Middle Resolution’s goal was to regain the majority. Working with the Senate Caucus, Republicans picked up two seats, creating a tie in the Senate (20-20). The Lt. Governor was a Republican, allowing him to break tie votes.

Senate District 21 – Bill Stanley

Senate District 7 – Bryce Reeves

2013House of Delegate Primaries

House District 33 – Dave LaRock defeated longtime incumbent RINO Joe May

House District 29 – Mark Berg defeated longtime incumbent RINO Beverly Sherwood

2013State Senate Open Seat

Middle Resolution helped elect Ben Chaffin to defeat a longtime incumbent Democrat giving the Republicans the majority in the state senate.

Senate District 38 – Ben Chaffin

2015 – State Senate

Holding Senate District 10 was vital to keeping the majority in the Senate. Middle Resolution worked closely with Glen Sturtevant to win the seat in the primary and general election.

Senate District 10 – Glen Sturtevant

2019 – House of Delegates – Nomination Contest

The Middle Resolution built the campaign infrastructure, funded and executed on a hard-fought race opposing a liberal RINO representing a conservative House district. Scott Wyatt went on to win the General election.

House District 97 – Delegate Scott Wyatt

2021 House of Delegates

The Middle Resolution worked with these five candidates to help Republicans regain the majority in the House of Delegates.

House District 28- Tara Durant

House District 85 – Karen Greenhalgh

House District 83- Tim Anderson

House District 75 – Otto Wachsmann

House District 66 – Mike Cherry

2021 – Statewide Elections

After extensive interviews and vetting of all candidates running for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General, Middle Resolution endorsed Glenn Youngkin for Governor, Winsome Earle-Sears for Lt. Governor, and Jason Miyares for Attorney General. All went on to win their respective nomination contests and the general election. All three gave Middle Resolution high praise for providing the conservative credentials they each needed to secure the nomination.

School Board Races

2022 – Middle Resolution engaged in school board races across the state. These important victories allowed Republicans to gain the majority on several school boards.

Virginia Beach City

Kathleen Brown – W

Carolyn Weems – W

David Culpepper – W

Mike Callan – W

Isle of Wight County

Jason Maresh – W

Powhatan County

Vicky Hurt – W

Bedford County

Chris Daniels – W

Mathews County

Mary Gibbs – W

Manassas City

Sara Brescia – W

2023 – School Board Races

Presently, Middle Resolution is interviewing dozens of candidates running for school board. The vast majority of school boards in Virginia have elections this year. The goal is to sharpen and expand the successful formula used in 2022 to help conservatives gain control of at least ten progressive school boards that have all instituted radical policies, degraded the quality of education and ignored the will of parents and community stakeholders in exchange for allegiance to the Virginia Education Association, the Virginia Association of School Superintendents and the Virginia School Board Association.


The Middle Resolution has been a force for conservatives in the Commonwealth for almost 15 years.Two fundamental principles guide their approach to supporting candidates. First, they conduct rigorous interviews and a thorough vetting process and then if selected, put their full support behind the most conservative candidates who can win in a general election. Second, they hold legislators accountable by closely following their legislative record and working with them to support good policy. If and when a legislator violates their promises to uphold the principles of freedom, Middle Resolution unabashedly engages in primary and convention challenges to replace them with liberty-minded legislators.