Virginia Parents Win Big! - Middle Resolution

November 6, 2021

Virginia Parents Win Big!

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Congratulations, Virginia! You made history last night. Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears, and Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares represented the People and carried the winning message! Equally as remarkable, we won back control of the House of Delegates, providing Glenn Youngkin with an opportunity to make positive changes in Virginia.

Virginia has been trending blue for a decade. There is no question. The political pendulum swung left in a rapid and powerful way. However, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That was proven last night. The Left interpreted their success in last November’s elections as a mandate to push their progressive ideology. Since then, they passed policies that favor criminals over victims, increased taxes on just about everything, closed our schools and fought to keep them closed until it became politically toxic, and greatly increased the role of government in our everyday lives.

Looking at this election in particular, the Governor’s race was essentially a dead heat up to the 2nd debate. The race pivoted on McAuliffe’s claim that he believes “parents should not be telling schools what to teach.” He then doubled down on that message. The National School Board Association didn’t do Democrats any favors when it asked President Biden to identify parents who expressed their concerns with school policies as “a form of domestic terrorism.”

The school board meetings in Loudoun County and other locations in Virginia became fuel for the fire McAuliffe ignited. The Democrats thought it was all about Critical Race Theory, but they missed it completely. It is a much broader issue. That broader issue is parental rights. Recently, parents have realized public-school authorities have used children as pawns to advance their own power and progressive agenda. Parents are not happy and they used their votes yesterday to send a message!

The Youngkin campaign gets a lot of credit for having the foresight to run on education from the very beginning. They saw what was happening in Northern Virginia and other locations around the state where the progressive Left was using race to divide people in the school systems. McAuliffe, on the other hand, was completely blinded by arrogance and walked directly into his own demise.

The entire country has been watching Virginia very closely. Virginians sent a strong message: Parents know best how to raise and educate their children. Voters across this amazing land are beginning to realize that the public-school unions and the ivory-tower academics in charge of our public schools have indoctrinated our children with an anti-liberty ideology for decades. Consequently, this will have an enormous impact as we approach the mid-terms in 2022.

I’ll end with a response to Benjamin Franklin’s comments as he walked out of Independence Hall 234 years ago, “Yes, Dr. Franklin, we can keep our Republic, but only if we can cleanse our school boards of members who think they know better than parents!”

We did it, Virginia! Now, let’s get to work!

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