McAuliffe’s Big Lie on Critical Race Theory - Middle Resolution

October 21, 2021

McAuliffe’s Big Lie on Critical Race Theory

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Another four Pinocchio’s go to our former Governor, Terry McAuliffe. He’s been traveling around the state saying that Virginia’s public schools don’t teach Critical Race Theory and that it’s a “dog whistle” for the Republicans to get their voters all worked up. Well, Christopher Rufo, a researcher and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, just released hard evidence that during McAuliffe’s first term, the Virginia Department of Education was actually asking school districts to use Critical Race Theory to “re-engineer attitudes and belief systems”. You pair that with McAuliffe’s belief that parents should not be involved with their children’s education in public schools and you get a government that believes they can raise your children better than you can.

The question you have to ask yourself is, “Why would McAuliffe lie about this?” If this was so important in 2015, why not explain it instead of denying its existence? I’ll tell you why. The truth about CRT being based on the Marxist concept of reallocating resources to provide equal outcomes (equity) instead of equal opportunity (equality), has been proven to be disastrous, not only for people of color but for everyone. And now, parents are rising up to protect their children and their communities from this insidious ideology.

Terry McAuliffe’s lying about CRT in Virginia’s public schools is an admission that it is bad for Virginia! We need to hold him and all the Democrats accountable by defeating them in November and voting for Republicans who will allow you to participate in your children’s education! We encourage you to share this with your friends and family who have been uncertain of who they will vote for in November. They need to know the truth about what the McAuliffe/Northam Virginia Department of Education is doing to our children, our families and our state.

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