Winsome Sears on the role of the Lieutenant Governor - Middle Resolution

May 4, 2021

Winsome Sears on the role of the Lieutenant Governor

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Winsome Sears has no intention of being a bench-sitter when she goes to Richmond as our next Lieutenant Governor! Presiding over the Senate is just one of the many roles of this important office. As Winsome explains, the office that she is seeking straddles the legislative and executive branches of state government. Her belief that Virginia can and should be a first class state for business is a high priority. She is keenly aware that business is drawn to states with good education, good roads and and a focus on quality of life–not just in urban and suburban areas but also in rural areas.

We continue to be proud to support Winsome Sears for Lieutenant Governor. She loves Virginia and is passionate about our state as she so eloquently espouses throughout the interview we conducted with her!

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