How Our Endorsed Candidates will Fight for You - Middle Resolution

April 29, 2021

How Our Endorsed Candidates will Fight for You

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In our interviews with our endorsed candidates, one of the topics we wanted to cover was the importance of the 10th Amendment or more commonly known as “states rights”. As the federal government has expanded, we have all seen the spread of government into what has now become a massive, bloated bureaucracy.

What’s happening now, however, in the era of Biden is that Governors, Lieutenant Governors and Attorneys General are pushing back and in some cases, unequivocally, letting the Biden administration know that they will not allow fundamental constitutional rights to be abused.

Please take a few minutes to listen to our candidates speak to this most important issue. Not in our lifetimes have we seen our rights being trampled like they are by Biden and his administration. We believe that these 3 candidates will resolutely stand up for our 10th Amendment rights and more importantly, take action when they enter office in January, 2022.

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