Meet Jason Miyares, candidate for Attorney General - Middle Resolution

April 28, 2021

Meet Jason Miyares, candidate for Attorney General

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In this introductory email regarding our endorsed candidate for Attorney General, Jason Miyares, you will hear his story and his passion for our country through the lens of his mother as he relays her leaving Cuba and the Castro regime as a 19 year old girl. As Cuba was taken over by the Communists, his mother lived the reality of giving up her dream of being a doctor to losing her home to the dictatorship before escaping and coming to the United States. As you will hear Jason explain, the rhetoric we hear from leftist Democrats now is reminiscent of what his mother experienced many years ago. Growing up with a parent whose passion for freedom was so evident in his life certainly impacted his desire to be someone who would represent our great Commonwealth as an elected official. Please take a few minutes to listen to Jason:

As our video series continues, you’ll learn more about Jason and his priorities as the next Attorney General of Virginia. Stay tuned!

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