VA Republican Party Convention Update: Pre-file Deadlines Ending Soon - Middle Resolution

April 9, 2021

VA Republican Party Convention Update: Pre-file Deadlines Ending Soon

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On May 8th, the Republican Party of Virginia will hold its statewide, unassembled convention to nominate candidates for November’s general election. There will be 37 locations around the state where pre-filed delegates will vote for their favorite candidates. There will likely be two options for voting at the convention location: 1) Either delegates will park their cars and vote inside where they will receive their ballot, fill out the ballot and drop the ballot in their county drop box, or 2) They will be instructed to drive through a line where they will receive a ballot, fill out the ballot in their car and then deposit their ballot in their county drop box.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Each county sets up their own process for signing up delegates and each has a different deadline. The deadlines are approaching fast. Please file now. Here is the list of counties and deadlines and the pre-file form. Please check right away to see when your deadline is approaching.

Instructions for using this database:

  1. 1. Locate your respective unit (county or city) committee in column 1.
  2. 2. Make a note of deadline date and time in columns 2 and 3.
  3. 3. Download the registration form in column 4 (or if online registration is allowed follow the link in column 5).
  4. 4. Fill out the attached form, and submit to the email address in column 5.
  5. 5. Please note some committees are requiring submissions to be delivered in person or via standard mail. In those cases, address and details have been provided. Filing type is indicated in column 6.
  6. 6. Please be aware that deadlines for some counties have passed.

 – In a previous email, we mentioned there were 17 candidates running for statewide office. There are now 18 candidates running in all three statewide races. It can be overwhelming to discern which candidate in such a wide field would be best for Virginia. That is why your Middle Resolution Team has taken the time to vet each candidate through our in-depth vetting process. We will then share our findings and endorsements with you, our members, so you can be well-informed throughout the nomination and election process. Stay tuned for this very important information in the coming days.

Our primary objective with this vetting process is to do an exhaustive review of the candidates’ campaign viability, political philosophy, and knowledge of the political challenges in Virginia. With that process, we are then able to recommend to you, the voter, which candidates are most capable of winning in November.

At this time, we would like to ask you a to do a few things: 1) Let us know that you intend to be a delegate to the convention and will vote for Middle Resolution’s recommended candidates. (Simply respond to this email stating as such.) 2) Reach out to your circle of influence (family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances) and encourage them to sign-up to be a delegate.

It takes 10 minutes to fill out the delegate filing form and it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two on May 8th to vote. We encourage you to carpool with your friends to make it quicker and much more fun.

The Progressive Left is overreaching in Richmond and DC, this gives Virginia conservatives an excellent opportunity for taking back all three statewide offices this year. This would be a shot heard across America. Please commit one or two hours in total to fill out the delegate filing form and to attend this convention. This has the potential to be a national gamechanger that will stop the progressive left from canceling you.

It's Up to You: We rely on the generous support of people like you to help support candidates across Virginia.

If you would like to donate by mail. Please send a check to PO Box 479, Mechanicsville, VA 23111