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March 31, 2021

Virginia Republican Party Convention Details and Rank Choice Voting

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On May 8th, the Republican Party of Virginia will be holding a statewide unassembled convention. There will be 37 locations around the state for pre-filed delegates who will drive their cars to their designated locations and vote. Delegates will remain in their cars where they will be handed a ballot. Delegates will complete their ballots and then proceed to a secure dropbox where a delegate will deposit their ballot. It will be as simple as that.

The Republican party of Virginia has selected rank choice voting as the means by which a winner will be chosen. Rank choice voting is an electoral system that allows people to vote for multiple candidates, in order of preference. Instead of just choosing a single candidate on the ballot, you fill out the ballot with your first choice, second choice, third choice, etc based on the number of candidates running for each office. You will be able to rank choice each candidate in each race (GovernorAttorney General and Lieutenant Governor).

After the polls close, the ballots will be counted. The candidate with the majority (more than 50%) of first-choice votes wins outright. If no candidate gets a majority of first-choice votes, then it triggers a new counting process. The candidate who received the fewest votes is eliminated, and that candidate’s voters’ ballots are redistributed to their second-choice pick. In other words, if your first choice candidate is eliminated, then your vote still counts – it just moves to your second-choice candidate. That process continues until there is a candidate who has the majority of votes.

IMPORTANT – Each county sets up their own process for signing up delegates and each has a different deadline. Here is the list of counties and their deadlines. Please check right away to see when your deadline is approaching.

Instructions for using this database:

  1. 1 Locate your respective unit (county or city) committee in column 1.
  2. 2. Make a note of deadline date and time in columns 2 and 3.
  3. 3. Download the registration form in column 4 (or if online registration is allowed follow the link in column 5).
  4. 4. Fill out the attached form, and submit to the email address in column 5.
  5. 5. Please note some committees are requiring submissions to be delivered in person or via standard mail. In those cases, address and details have been provided. Filing type is indicated in column 6.
  6. 6. Please be aware that deadlines for some counties have passed.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS – There are 17 candidates running for the Republican nomination in all three statewide races. This gives us a wide variety of candidates many of whom are highly qualified to win in November. However, with so many candidates, it makes it very difficult for anyone to choose their favorite candidate because of limited access to the candidates. That is why your Middle Resolution team has spent the past month interviewing all the candidates running for office. The last of our interviews is scheduled for Monday, April 5th.

Once we have completed the interviews, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of our findings and endorse a candidate in each of the three statewide races. Once we have endorsed, we will work with that candidate to help them win the nomination and then win in November.

It's Up to You: We rely on the generous support of people like you to help support candidates across Virginia.

If you would like to donate by mail. Please send a check to PO Box 479, Mechanicsville, VA 23111