Democrats’ Plan for Our Future - Middle Resolution

August 6, 2020

Democrats’ Plan for Our Future

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The Democrats’ plan is simple. They want to nationalize the private sector when we have “significant disruptions” in the economy. Missing from the Democrat Party of Virginia State Resolutions to the Democrat Presidential Convention are the metrics on what would constitute “significant disruptions” or an explanation of who would make that determination. Below is an excerpt from the document.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has particularly shown the need for an emergency production law by revealing our inability to provide widespread testing. Therefore, leading us and our leaders to not know the extent of the problem, impeding our government and leaders from being able to plan and fully respond to the crisis adequately and with confidence.

Therefore, be it resolved, the Convention urges the incoming Biden Administration, as well as local, state, and federal government to enhance the self-sufficiency of the United States and Virginia in emergency situations by enacting and implementing a Virginia emergency production law (emphasis added) to augment coordination between industry, business, healthcare, education, and other sectors in emergency circumstances. This law would only take effect in the event of significant disruptions to economy, health, and climate.  

Their motives become clear when they mention “climate” in this resolution. Further in the document, they explain how they think we have a climate emergency. If Joe Biden is elected, on inauguration day 2021 it is very likely they will declare a climate emergency!

What they won’t tell you is that government takeover of the private sector will hurt the most vulnerable. An economy run by an elitist, ruling class will try to force equal outcomes, but it never works out that way. Every attempt at a socialist government has failed. (BTW – Sweden is not a socialist country as many on the left will tell you.) They will exacerbate economic inequality by taking from the job creators and the entrepreneurs which in turn will stifle economic growth. Jobs are the solution to poverty – not more government control. The haves will have more and the have-nots will have less. Income inequality will soar!

Joe Biden and the progressive left must be defeated!

The Middle Resolution is preparing to get out the vote to help take back the 7th and 2nd Congressional Districts and ensure we hold the 5th Congressional District! All of this is designed to help re-elect President Trump and give him a stronger position in the House of Representatives in his 2nd term!

We ask that you come alongside us as we work to advance the principles of freedom! We look forward to your support

In Liberty,

Craig DiSesa
The Middle Resolution

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